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XPS Xpress St. George has over 40 years of expertise and experience to help you satisfy your flooring needs. We are the leading solutions provider in decorative concrete, epoxy flooring equipment and installation market.

We are a branch of Xtreme Polishing Systems, which is renowned for selling and manufacturing equipment, supplies, industrial paints, and decorative concrete tools. We’re part of a network of expanding XPS Xpress branches that have over 40 years of industrial experience and knowledge to share.

We provide excellent customer service and educate all clients on the information they need to make educated decisions on a purchase. Polished Concrete University is where more studious clients learn exactly what they must do to succeed in the business.

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We can improve the look and feel of various types of flooring. We can also coat countertops, tables, and provide art projects that can add interest to any space including many other services!

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